"I use Anglea Turf Infield Conditioner and Warning Track on my field and it delivers major league performance."
- Luke Jenkins / Houston Astros Head Groundskeeper

"I'm in my 26th year in professional baseball and have played in, managed, and scouted games ub iver 130 minor and major league ballparks. I've seen a lot of different types of infield dirt and conditioners, but for 2002 at the new LaGrave Field in Fort Worth, we decided to use Anglea Turf Crimson Red Super Deluxe Infield Conditioner. We couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend the infield conditioner from Anglea Turf."
- Marty Scott / President of the Fort Worth Cats

"I highly recommend the Crimson Red Super Deluxe Infield Conditioner. It has practically eliminated rain-outs for us at Arkansas Tech. It enhances any field with its ability to absorb moisture so quickly. Its crimson color only adds to the aesthetic features of our infield dirt and warning track at our park."
- Billy Goss/Head Baseball Coach at Arkansas Tech University

"I don't remember the exact dates of the storm system, although I do remember it was a 10 day span, in which we received a total of 26 inches of rain. When the storm system was finally over, we played the very next day and had no product loss and no problems playing to a victory."
- David Pittman / Head Baseball Coach at Hammond High School • Hammond, Lousiana

"Anglea Turf Infield Conditioner does a great job on all six of our fields. This material cuts out rain delays dramatically."
- Steve Ibboston / Parks and Recreation Director • Maumelle, Arkansas

"It's the ultimate sports turf!"
- John Hardman / Ouchita Baptist Head Baseball Coach

"I like the lightweight texture because it is easy to transport and store, especially when you have a small maintenance crew with limited equipment. It mixes and compacts with our soil better than any other product. I'm very satisfied with Anglea Turf Crimson Red Deluxe Infield Conditioner and highly recommend it!"
- Chris Patterson / Parks and Recreation Director • Brownsville, Texas

"We are using Anglea Turf Crimson Red Deluxe on seven of our fields. We can definitely handle 1 to 2 inches of rain in the morning and still play in the afternoon with our fields in perfect condition. We are very satisfied with the product and recommend it for your fields."
- Jerry LaFevers / Parks and Recreation Director • West Plains, Missouri
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